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Heckmanns in the Late Middle Ages (1305-1617) Go to Homepage

Adapted from Heckmann im Spätmittelalter (1305 - 1617)
Research of Genealogist Alfred Heckmann, Schwarzenholz, 1989
Source Documentation: State Archives Wiesbaden, Department 170
Revised by Dominik Heckmann, 1999
This is an accounting of one particular line of Heckmanns. There are many other lines comming from diverse origins.

The origin of the Name (14th Century)

(1305 - 1333)

By the year 1305, ancestors of clan Heckmann from which this particular line of Heckmanns came, had already been mentioned. Then the family still had no name. The children had only Christian names. Then, in the year 1333, one of these families built its house by a brook and surrounded it with a hedge. This house was named Heckmann's Haus by da Bach (Heckmann's house by the brook). The inhabitants received the name, Heckmann.

This information was discovered by Johannes Heckmann (1.1). He worked from about 1520 to 1530 as genealogist for the Count of the House of Nassau.

1. Hans Heckmann von Grebeneck (15th Century)

(1404 - 1433 - 1447 - 1461 - 1483)

1.1 Johannes Heckmann von Grebeneck

(1461 - 1483 - 1490 - 1493 - 1497 - 1502 - 1522 - 1531)

1.2 Heidrich Heckmann

1.1.1 Wilhelm (Quilhelmus) Heckmann

1.1.2 Herrmann Heckmann

1.1.3 Philipp Heckmann

1.1.4 Johannes Heckmann Heinrich (Henricus) Heckmann Anna Heckmann Margarethe Heckmann Margarethe Heckmann

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